Friday, 17 February 2012

A quick magazine featured favourites: These are the 2 LOOK magazines I have picked up this month, the one with Rihanna on the front cover is the most up to date.  

The magazine with Cheryl on the cover, I found very inspiring as it has a 3 page article, which interviews 3 different bloggers. It gives new bloggers (like myself) an inspiring insight to what blog life can be like. The 3 girls who were included will be linked below. Leave me a comment telling me your favourite article?

In the most recent LOOK magazine (Rihanna) I think the colourful and bright looks featured are going to be very popular this spring! I am still in the process of reading this magazine so I am now off to read the rest with a hot cup of tea(: 
Thanks for reading!

Links to the 3 bloggers featured in LOOK:

Natalie x

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