Thursday, 16 February 2012

Lana Del Rey A.K.A (Lizzie Grant), the 'Video Games' star is this months cover girl and has an 8 page feature in Vogue magazine, from the pictures taken by Mario Testino we can see in more depth what her fashion and style consists of, her pastel colours mixed with many objects of deep red tones shows she is not afraid to splash out on colour and I feel she has pulled it off very successfully. Lana has been shown as a new role model to many young girls (myself included) as she is not only an astounding singer, she is a beautiful young lady and we the fans and the press can see she has a wonderful style, a style she likes to call 'Gangster Nancy Sinatra'. 
The singer has raised up higher and higher with each new song and has now reached a great milestone in her career we cant wait to see more! There is even reports that in early January of this year she signed a deal with 'NEXT' modelling agency. 
In her 'Born To Die' album (released on the 27th January 2012), we can hear how much talent she really has. She has a very mysterious personality and a voice that is gentle to ones ears, as she sings about forlorn memories of broken hearts, we cant help but see a strong side to Lana which inspires young girls to keep a strong head and carry on at the darkest of times. She is a new inspiration to singers, stylists and young folk alike!


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